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Is this the closest we'll get to a next-gen Mega Man game?

Beat Dead Rising 3 to find out.

A blast from the past or a glimpse into the future?

The future of the Mega Man series is uncertain, but via Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3, we get our closest look yet at what a next-generation game in Capcom's long-running series may look like - if it were spliced with zombies.

As is Dead Rising tradition, if you complete the game you get a Mega Man costume, in this case a costume inspired by 1993 SNES game Mega Man X - specifically, the blue bomber's First Armour.

To get the Mega Buster weapon requires more leg work, however. You need to beat the game on Nightmare Mode, which increases Dead Rising 3's difficulty and reinstates the series' trademark time limit mechanic.

The video below, courtesy of Polygon, offers a tantalising glimpse at Mega Man in open world zombie kill 'em up Dead Rising 3. The closest we'll get to a next-gen Mega Man game?

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