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Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 spotted on Steam

UPDATE: Confirmed for PC this summer with updated visuals.

UPDATE 5/6/14 4.10pm: Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 will launch for PC this summer on disc and via Steam, publisher Capcom has confirmed.

The new version will offer "fully optimised visuals" for wide screen displays, plus "upgraded textures" for characters, backgrounds and in-game objects.

Steam Achievements and Trading Cards, Steam Cloud support and global leaderboards will also be included, as will the ability to switch between a controller or keyboard and mouse.

See the first gameplay footage of the PC build below:

ORIGINAL STORY 5/6/14 2.50am: If you wanted to play Dead Rising 3, but weren't sold on forking over hundreds of pounds on an Xbox One, you may be in luck as a recently leaked listing on Steam's database suggests the open-world zombie sequel could be coming to Valve's popular distribution service.

The listing has since changed its tittle to an unincriminating "SteamDB Unknown App 265550", but All Games Beta was quick enough to snap a picture of the same listing before it was modified earlier tonight.

While the first Dead Rising was an Xbox 360-exclusive, its sequel - along with its spruced up re-release, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record - was released on Steam as well, suggesting that this third outing could make its way there too.

When questioned about this leak, a Capcom rep simply told Eurogamer: "No official announcements have been made." But as Dead Rising star photojournalist Frank West knows, just because something isn't on the record doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

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