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Dead Rising digital movie in the works

To debut on Sony's streaming service Crackle.

Undead survival game Dead Rising is being turned into a film by Legendary Digital Media, a new report has revealed.

The project will debut on Sony's streaming service Crackle (whose app is available in the US on PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One).

Crackle shut down its UK operations earlier this year, but Dead Rising will get a international release at some point courtesy of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn distributor Content Media.

Set during the opening stages of the series' zombie outbreak, the film will star four lead characters as they investigate the source of the virus, Variety reported.

"Dead Rising has a built-in fan base and rich characters and plotlines that are ideal for digital storytelling and on target for Legendary's brand," exec Tom Lesinski said.

"Crackle and Content are adept at distributing cutting-edge digital content and we look forward to delivering a highly engaging and cool series for a global audience."

The Dead Rising series has now sold more than 6.5m copies worldwide, with Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 still to launch on PC. Developer Capcom announced today that the game would arrive on 5th September, and is currently part of the Steam Summer Sale.

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