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Dead Rising 3's Operation Broken Eagle DLC detailed

Demo out now.

Dead Rising 3's first DLC, Operation Broken Eagle, will star a Spec Ops Commander named Adam Kane, i.e. this guy:

As detailed by Capcom Vancouver's executive producer Josh Bridge on Major Nelson's blog, Kane will have access to military weapons, armoured vehicles, and a crew of soldiers at his stead.

Each of Dead Rising 3's four DLC episodes will star a different character and occur in parallel with Nick's story in the main game. Bridge noted that each episode will have its own new weapons, a custom vehicle, side missions, and achievements. The three other episodes will be entitled: Fallen Angel, Chaos Rising, and The Last Angel.

In other Dead Rising 3 news, a demo is out now for the game on Xbox Live. Bridge noted that the demo has a "Super Weapon" called the "Ultimate Grim Reaper," and hinted that players should dig around Ingleton to explore the breadth of the demo's weapon-building possibilities.

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