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Dead Rising remasters get release date and price

Dead Rising remasters get release date and price

15.99 for one game or 39.99 for all.

The three Dead Rising games from the former console generation are all getting remastered and now we know when to expect them and how much they'll cost.

Priced at 15.99 / €19.99 / $19.99, each game is due on 13th September digitally.

Pre-orders for the Dead Rising Triple Pack will be 16 per cent off at 39.99.

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Dead Rising series remasters reveal first screenshots

Last week Capcom announced remasters of its first few Dead Rising games for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Now we know who's behind these restorations and what they look like.

As revealed on the Xbox Store, the original Dead Rising is being ported to modern platforms via QLOC, a Polish quality assurance studio that handled the DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition for PS4 and Xbox One.

Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record are being remastered by Mercenary Technologies, the folks behind the PS4 version of God of War 3 and the PC version of Resident Evil 5.

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Dead Rising: Watchtower comes to Xbox a week early

Despite it being on Sony's streaming service Crackle.

Dead Rising: Watchtower, the live-action film based on Capcom's popular open-world zombie series, is coming to Xbox consoles a week early, Xbox Live director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has announced.

Watch the Dead Rising film's debut trailer

Dead Rising: Watchtower, the film based on Capcom's open-mall zombie series, has received its first trailer.

Starring comedian Rob Riggle (The Daily Show, 21 Jump Street) and Academy Award nominee Virginia Madsen (Sideways), Dead Rising: Watchtower will debut on 27th March on Sony Pictures Television's streaming service Crackle. Other stations will air it episodically.

Director Zach Lipovsky (Leprechaun: Origins) said he wanted to make the movie like "Indiana Jones with zombies" in terms of tone.

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The Dead Rising movie gets a March release date

The Dead Rising movie gets a March release date

Some stations will air it episodically.

Dead Rising: Watchtower, the live-action film starring funnyman Rob Riggle, will debut on 27th March on Sony Pictures Television's streaming service Crackle.

After its Crackle release, Dead Rising: Watchtower will eventually come to other digital services and physical media. According to GameInformer, some video on demand distribution channels will air the movie episodically instead of as a feature film.

Director Zach Lipovsky (Leprechaun: Origins) has previously compared the upcoming horror comedy's tone to "Indiana Jones with zombies" with "fun, scary, dramatic action".

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Play The Darkness 2 now on Eurogamer's Gaikai page

We've also added Orcs Must Die and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

The Darkness 2 is due out this Friday on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, but you don't have to wait that long to check out Digital Extremes' first-person shooter sequel, because we've just put the demo live on our Gaikai page.

Capcom sells Dead Rising: OTR cheats as DLC

Capcom sells Dead Rising: OTR cheats as DLC

3.99 for infinite weapon durability, giant heads.

The latest Dead Rising: Off The Record DLC pack adds various cheat modes to Capcom's re-tooled zombie sequel.

Available now priced at 400 Microsoft Points or 3.99, the Gamebreaker Pack lets you toggle the following cheats, as detailed on the Capcom Unity blog:

Infinite weapon durability

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Dead Rising: Off The Record

Dead Rising: Off The Record

On the QT, and very hush-hush.

No publisher is better at recycling its own work than Capcom, but even by the publisher's thrifty standards, four releases containing the words "Dead Rising 2" in 14 months is - to put it politely - alarmingly prolific. Granted, two of those were downloadable add-ons, and standalone instalments Case West and Case Zero both introduced enough to make their very reasonable prices worth paying. The problem with Off The Record is that it arguably adds less than either of these Xbox 360-exclusive episodes, yet costs more.

We're back in Fortune City once again, only this time the lantern-jawed Chuck Greene has been benched in favour of the first Dead Rising's rotund photojournalist Frank West, a move that will be welcomed in some quarters, but not here. I found something endearing in Chuck's frowny, family-man heroics; by comparison, Frank's a self-absorbed prick using an incident where thousands have been killed as a way to get his stumbling career back on track. Besides, 20 hours or so controlling a chubby loser with a receding hairline and a whiny voice hardly represents escapism for some of us.

But Frank is far from Off The Record's biggest problem. Both downloadable episodes gave us new locations to slap zombies around in; here we get one comparatively small new area (a theme park called the Uranus Zone, and you can guess the level of humour that brings to the table) in a sandbox we've already played in. It also fails to resolve familiar niggles, with inventory management and item retrieval still fiddly and awkward, and while there might be more zombies on screen, the engine sometimes chugs as a result.

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Out This Week - 14/10/11

Forza 4! Ace Combat! PES 2012! More!

Big week, this. October is in full flow. Dragon Age 2 welcomes a second lump of DLC with Mark of the Assassin, starring The Guild actress Felicia Day. There are new monsters, areas, weapons and challenges. Let's hope it's better than previous DLC, Legacy.

DR2: Off The Record PC detailed

Date, DRM, system specs, pre-order swag.

The PC version of Dead Rising 2: Off The Record hits Games For Windows on 11th October, Capcom has announced.

DR2: Off the Record cynicism quashed

"There's a ton of added value here."

Developer Capcom Vancouver believes it has now quashed the cynicism surrounding Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, the Dead Rising 2 spin-off that re-imagines the game from Frank West's perspective.

SFxT, Dragon's Dogma sales expectations

SFxT, Dragon's Dogma sales expectations

REORC, Dead Rising 2 OTR, too.

Capcom has high hopes for its upcoming games.

It's projected big sales for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, Street Fighter x Tekken, Dragon's Dogma and Dead Rising 2 Off the Record.

Third-person co-op and competitive shooter Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City will shift 2.5 million units worldwide, Capcom reckons.

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Inafune: Capcom forced sequel output

Inafune: Capcom forced sequel output

Defied bosses to develop Dead Rising.

Capcom management abandoned interest in new IP to force development of sequels, former Capcom head of development Keiji Inafune has alleged.

Studio bosses keen to cut costs opted for a policy of systemic sequelisation, Inafune claimed in an address at a Kyoto university (translated by Andriasang).

New titles - including Inafune's Dead Rising and Lost Planet - were initially rejected.

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Dead Rising 2 dev defends Off the Record

E3 reveals will make complaints "go away".

Gamers have labelled Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, the what if? re-imagining of Dead Rising 2 starring Frank West, as a cynical cash-in - but developer Capcom Vancouver reckons all the complaints will cease after E3.

As the hack pack shuffles out of the Dead Rising 2 Off the Record presentation at Capcom's Captivate conference, someone says something which sticks: "Well, that will shut all the haters up."