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Super Street Fighter 4, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record hit Origin

Capcom joins EA's digital distribution service.

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record are both available on EA's digital distribution service Origin.

Street Fighter costs £25. Off the Record costs £20.

Their addition marks Japanese publisher Capcom's debut on EA's Origin. THQ recently made Saints Row: The Third available. Warner's Batman: Arkham City will also be sold on the service.

It's all part of EA's push to get third-party publishers to sell their games on Origin.

"Since launch, we've had overwhelming support from both publishers and developers across the gaming industry, recognising Origin as an opportunity to deliver more of their great content straight to consumers across the globe," EA's Origin VP David DeMartini said last month.

Origin currently offers over 100 EA PC titles and has racked up six million users since it launched earlier this year.