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Bloodborne alpha's unfinished secret area reveals new boss

It's not the giant spider, for better or worse.

An entirely new section of Bloodborne has been uncovered via a glitch that allows users to leap into a place From hasn't yet finished.

While still under construction Twitch user RyuuJin882 captured his exploits exploring this new region that he uncovered based on an urban legend that you could jump onto a bench then over a fence that would lead to a place man was not yet meant to venture. Skip to 1:39 in the video if you want to see the new stuff.

It's quite a big new area that essentially doubles the size of the alpha. While glitchy as hell with vanishing textures and invisible walls, this secret area reveals a lot of new content with the highlight being a new boss whose Japanese name translates to Priest Gascoigne (thanks, NeoGAF).

An axe-wielding gunslinger, Gasciogne doesn't look much bigger than the player, but a YouTube video by Sanadsk shows us that he's capable of transforming into a werewolf.

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Other new content includes some new enemies such as giant diseased rats, crawling corpses and a humongous boar.

But one of the highlights is available in the main alpha, though it can only be glimpsed in the background. Look closely in certain scenes and you can see the skyline is obscured by a colossal spider-like monstrosity made of a mess of limbs and human-like hands. While not accessible in the alpha, how much do you want to bet that this beast eventually interrupts our adventure for what's sure to be one heck of a battle?

And here it is again.

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