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Chris Roberts unveils Star Citizen planetside gameplay

UPDATE: higher quality video of the demo released.

UPDATE 15/10/2014: Cloud Imperium Games has released a higher quality video of the Star Citizen planetside demo.

The new video, below, gives us an idea of how the space game's persistent universe will work in an updated playthrough of the demo first shown off at CitizenCon last weekend.

Cover image for YouTube videoCitizenCon 2014: Persistent Universe Demo

ORIGINAL STORY 13/10/2014: Cloud Imperium Games chief Chris Roberts has unveiled Star Citizen planetside gameplay for the first time.

At CitizenCon 2014, Roberts showed in-engine footage of what it will be like to land on a planet, get out of your ship and walk around.

After passing through a checkpoint, the demo takes us into a plaza area and inside a shop. The planet in this case is highly detailed, and, like the rest of the space game, is built using Crytek's CryEngine.

Planets such as these will, typically, be where you can repair your ship, pick up missions and trade, Roberts said.

Star Citizen is being released in stages, with Arena Commander, the dogfighting module, and the Hangar, a spaceship garage module, out now.

The other modules in the works are Planetside, demoed over the weekend, a first-person shooter Roberts has said will offer Crysis-level visuals, the Squadron 42 story portion and, glueing it all together, the persistent universe.

Roberts told Eurogamer he expects the whole lot to be complete and combined in an appropriate form at some point in 2016.

We recently investigated Star Citizen's grey market, which sees players buy and sell spaceships sometimes for thousands of pounds outside of the game.

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