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Star Citizen dev apologises for "super rough start" as players still fail to login

Server still has partial outage.

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games is still struggling with game maintenance after the release of its latest update.

That update makes steps towards the game's ideal of full in-game persistence, with the addition of Persistent Entity Streaming tech now implemented in Alpha 3.18. It means objects can be dynamically tracked when moved by players.

However, the update has attracted enough players back to the game that login and server issues have become a major problem for the developer.

Cover image for YouTube videoStar Citizen Alpha 3.18 | Lasting Legacies
Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 | Lasting Legacies

As per its maintenance reports, the game's platform is currently operational but has been given the status of Partial Outage owing to problems with its persistent universe and electronic access.

Earlier in the week, the game was taken offline so CIG could isolate and fix issues.

Myriad login issues remain unsolved, primarily errors with codes 19003 and 19004.

"While monitoring those issues, the team has been able to tune and make adjustments to the entitlement processing flow to ensure that a large portion of player attempts were still successful and able to make it into the PU," the developer wrote on 14th March.

"However, at a point in the early morning UTC, the environment entered into a state which would require a more disruptive recovery process."

Since the 12th March, the post continues, the "environment has been in the process of recovering from the slow / non-responsive state it was in". However, CIG advises that "while this recovery effort is in-progress, players will experience periods of extreme difficulty getting into the PU".

Over on reddit, fans have been reacting angrily to their inability to log in to the game.

The same is true on the game's official forum (thanks PC Gamer). One poster, named Admiral Grogan, questioned why the update was released on a Friday afternoon when many players would want to access the game over the weekend.

"This is embarrassingly bad, even by Star Citizen standards. I've been a backer since day one. I'm not going anywhere. But after all this time we don't have our **** together to release a mess like this? Yeah yeah its an alpha, blah blah blah - the issue I have is - after this many years - why are these same problems happening every single patch?" reads the post.

In a tweet, the developer did apologise for the "super rough start", adding: "our team is all hands on deck working to get things running smoothly as quickly as possible. We'll keep you updated!"

It's currently unclear when the login issues will finally be resolved.