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Star Citizen bans over 600 cheaters

"Once an exploit is identified and confirmed, continued abuse for personal gain will not be tolerated."

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games has banned over 600 accounts after players used "multiple exploits" to "cheat and exploit" the game.

In a brief but firm statement about the issues, senior director of player relations Will "Soulcrusher" Leverett said the team had now completed an investigation, resulting in over 600 suspensions and the removal of "the illicitly gained aUEC from the Star Citizen ecosystem".

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"We've completed an investigation into multiple exploits within Star Citizen that compromised stability and negatively impacted the in-game economy," Leverett said. "As a result, we have resolved multiple aUEC exploits in 3.23.1a, and we've identified and suspended over 600 accounts involved in exploitative behaviours while also removing the illicitly gained aUEC from the Star Citizen ecosystem.

"Cheating and exploiting undermine the integrity of our game and the efforts of our dedicated backers who help us build Star Citizen. We take these actions seriously and assure you that we are continuously developing additional measures against cheating and exploitation. We will continue to prioritise triaging exploits with the highest urgency to isolate and address these issues as they pop up."

Leverett added that whilst exploits and issues are inevitable at "this stage of development", it was working closely with the community to identify, test, and report exploits.

"We've gained valuable insights through your issue council reports, and we thank you for that," Leverett concluded. "However, once an exploit is identified and confirmed, continued abuse for personal gain will not be tolerated and will result in action on our part.

"Once again, we're super appreciative of your efforts in flagging recent issues and your general support in utilising the Issue Council. We'll keep you updated as we continue to develop measures to ensure fair play."

Cloud Imperium Games' CEO, Chris Roberts, recently said Star Citizen was pushing towards the "finish line" of a 1.0 release.

"After many hard years of work towards a goal many thought was impossible, we are on the cusp of delivering one of the final pieces of technology that will enable a connected, shared universe that thousands of people can experience together at the same time," Roberts explained in his latest Letter from the Chairman update in March.

We recently reported that Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games had suffered layoffs amid unrest due to relocation and accusations of a "highly toxic company". That hasn't stopped it from massing an astonishing $700m in crowdfunding, though.

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