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Nintendo to focus on Nintendo Direct and social media following Official Nintendo Magazine closure

After 20 years, no more officially-licensed magazine.

Nintendo will focus on Nintendo Direct broadcasts, social media channels and events to communicate with its customers following the now confirmed closure of the Official Nintendo Magazine.

"Nintendo is constantly evaluating and evolving the ways in which it speaks to its fans," a company spokesperson told Eurogamer.

"With this in mind, Nintendo UK has decided to focus on alternative channels including Nintendo Direct, social media and online channels and public events."

ONM publisher Future today announced that the latest issue of the magazine would be its last. The decision marks the end of more than 20 years of officially-licensed Nintendo publications in the UK.

The first to officially feature Nintendo's name was the Nintendo Magazine System, which debuted back in 1992. Through name changes and changes of publisher, an official Nintendo magazine has remained a fixture of UK newsagent shelves for the past two decades.

The US equivalent, Nintendo Power Magazine, was itself closed by Future at the end of 2012. Future UK's unofficial mag - Nintendo Gamer formerly NGamer, NGC and Super Play - published its last issue back in 2012.

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