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The Stanley Parable has sold over a million copies

"The Narrator decided not to tell Stanley. It might make him fractious."

Fourth-wall-smashing comedy The Stanley Parable has sold more than a million copies, developer Davey Wreden has announced via Twitter.

The milestone was also celebrated by the actor who plays its narrator, Kevan Brighting, who charmingly added, "The Stanley Parable has sold over a million copies. The Narrator decided not to tell Stanley. It might make him fractious. Or big-headed."

The Stanley Parable just had its first birthday on 17th October. A happy belated birthday, Stanley!

Our Chris Donlan fell in love with Stanley and his parable upon the launch of this commercial remake last year. "The Stanley Parable is a video game that plays you," he wrote in his The Stanley Parable review. "It examines questions of control and free will within a finite interactive space and asks: can you truly express yourself in a world in which an omniscient designer has already carved out all of your possibilities in advance?"

"It's a game about games, yet it never forgets to be a game that's worth playing in its own right," he added.

For a better sense of the type of malarkey you'll get into in The Stanley Parable, here's a Let's Play by Eurogamer contributor Cara Ellison, who chose The Stanley Parable as her Game of 2013.

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