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Dark Souls 2 mod adds first-person option

In case things weren't challenging enough already.

Last year a dedicated modder brought us a mod to make Dark Souls a first-person game and now someone has followed suit with Dark Souls 2.

There's nothing wrong with your computer. This video doesn't have sound.Watch on YouTube

YouTuber Benzoin-Gum has brought us the following hack that can be downloaded from their YouTube description. "Simply freeze the camera zoom value, equip a bow/binoculars and zoom in. The camera will stay zoomed, allowing you to roam Drangleic in first person," the hacker wrote.

"Triggering a load screen (and possibly cutscene) will reset the camera, simply perform the above steps again," The modder added that it "may not work for Windows 8 users or those with an outdated copy of the game."

There's still a few flies in the ointment such as clipping issues and Benzoin-Gum noted that bows and binoculars will mess things up, but for the most part it gives us an idea how From's sadistic action-RPG looks from the character's perspective. Maybe it's the fact that they're not using a shield, or maybe it's because they're only fighting one foe at a time, but this actually looks playable relative to the Dark Souls mod we saw last year.

Anyone care to give it a shot? Let us know how it goes, brave souls, in the comments.

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