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Microsoft shipped 2.4m Xbox consoles last quarter

A 102 per cent growth over the previous quarter.

The Xbox One and Xbox 360 have shifted a total of 2.4 million units to retailers in the quarter ending 30th September, Microsoft revealed in its latest earnings report.

That's a 102 per cent growth in sales. Granted the Xbox One launched in 28 new territories last quarter, so some growth is expected. Still, it's a sizable increase over the 1.1 million consoles Microsoft shipped in the previous quarter ending on 30th June.

Meanwhile, the entire Device and Consumer division - of which Xbox is a part - increased its revenue by 47 per cent with a staggering $10.96 billion. Much of this is due to the Surface Pro 3's launch, bringing the Surface brand's revenue to $908 million.

Ultimately, the company made $23.2 billion in revenue for the first quarter fiscal 2015.

[Editor's note: We originally ran this story saying Microsoft had sold 2.4 million consoles, when in fact it had only sold that many to retailers, not customers. We apologise for the confusion.]