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Video: Watch us play Bayonetta 2 from 4.30pm BST

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UPDATE: We're pushing the stream back by 30 minutes, as Ian's having a few technical difficulties. See you at 4.30pm!

ORIGINAL STORY: Happy Platinum week! In a tide of good fortune, we're getting not one but two games from the Osaka studio this week, which is something of a treat. We've someone plucking away at Legend of Korra right now and hope to have a review for you soon, while we've already been lucky enough to play through Bayonetta 2 a couple of times - enough to confidently scream '9' and write a few words about how excellent it is.

How excellent? Why, you should join Ian Higton from 4.30pm BST to find out, as he's streaming the Wii U exclusive from then for an hour or so.

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Bayonetta 2

Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Switch

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