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Children of Morta's pixel art is truly a sight to behold

This "action RPG roguelike" sure is pretty.

Children of Morta has some of the most vibrant pixel art I've ever seen. Described by developer Dead Mage as "a unique blend of action RPG roguelike with narratives and adventure" its debut trailer is certainly eye-catching.

Little is known about the game, but it's in development for PC, Mac and Linux and its art style looks like a a mix of Sword & Sworcery and Crawl, but more detailed than the latter and more action-focused than the former. The character animations in particular are especially expressive. Quite simply, it looks glorious.

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As detailed on its dev blog, Children of Morta's plot will surround the exploits of a family sworn to protect Mount Morta. Unfortunately, the god of said mountain has become corrupted and turned all of its creatures into horrible monsters. As it turns out overlooking a mountain is a lot of work.

Dead Mage has a rather mixed pedigree as a developer. It made the critically reviled Harshasp: The Monster Slayer, but followed it up with the critically acclaimed mobile game Shadow Blade.

Additionally, the studio is working on another upcoming game called Epic of Kings, which is a mobile affair that looks a bit like a third-person Infinity Blade with QTEs.

Everybody dance!

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