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Papo & Yo dev's latest, Spirits of Spring, is out now on iOS

Formerly known as Silent Enemy, a game about bullying.

Last year Papo & Yo developer Minority revealed its next game, a tale of bullying steeped strongly in native Canadian Cree culture. At the time called Silent Enemy, the project has recently been released on iOS under its new moniker Spirits of Spring.

Priced at £2.99 / $4.99, Spirits of Spring is set in a mythical land where a young native boy named Chiwatin must maintain the balance between spring and winter with the help of some magical spirits and his animal companions, Rabbit and Bear. Unfortunately some jerkwad crows show up and steal the gang's spirits, transforming the land into a frosty tundra.

The game is primarily an exploration-based puzzler where players toggle between Chiwatin and his animal pals to traverse the terrain, uncover new abilities and restore the land to its natural springy glory.

For more on Spirits of Spring, we detailed Minority's inspiration in telling this semi-autobiographical tale when the project was announced in May 2013.

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