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Shadow of Mordor Lord of the Hunt DLC details

Mounted warchiefs, and new mounts.

New details for Shadow of Mordor's Lord of the Hunt DLC - due "later this year" - have been released.

The new beasts you'll tame and ride are the wretched graug - a graug that spits poison; a caragath - a stealthier caragor; and you'll also be able to control and dominate ghuls - the game's zombies - calling hordes of them upon request.

Your new targets will be Beastmaster Warchiefs, AKA uruks on mounts. Kotaku heard that there will be specialised showdown missions for each, and you'll need to de-mount the bosses before taking them on. Kotaku also heard that any ranked nemesis will also now be able to climb aback a mount.

These beast-based missions will be tackled with Torvin, the dwarf, and add up to "hours" of new story content. There will be new challenges, new epic runes and a Test of the Wild score-based mode with leaderboard attached.

There will be a new Lord of the Hunt skin for Talion as well.

The Lord of the Hunt DLC is included in the £19.99 Shadow of Mordor Season Pass. Or, of course, you can buy it alone. Monolith told Kotaku the US price would be $9.99.

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