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Skyrim mod adds innovative Nemesis system from Shadow of Mordor


The most innovative aspect of Lord of the Rings game Shadow of Mordor was its Nemesis system that had enemies being promoted after killing you.

Now it's in Skyrim, thanks to modder Syclonix (via PC Gamer).

The Nemesis and Alternative Death System mod is available on NexusMods and makes "every enemy that defeats you into a unique Nemesis" to create "emergent stories of revenge".

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It means that, yes, even the lowliest mudcrab in Skyrim could become your ultimate nemesis.

Any enemy who defeats the player is given a unique name, increased stats, and a special buff as an incentive to track them down and kill them for good.

The mod also removes death from the game. Instead, players are knocked out and respawn elsewhere on the map with more than a sore head - players are also given a random debuff that can only be removed by defeating a nemesis.

Plus the nemesis can steal gear to use for themselves. Rude!

Players can have up to five nemeses at any given time, but that also means five potential debuffs.

Warner Bros patented its Nemesis system last year, so don't expect this mod to become official in any way.

Skyrim saw trouble with mods following the release of its Anniversary Edition last year. If you're looking to get mods installed, check out our guide.

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