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Yakuza 0 gets a 15 minute trailer

But will it makes its way west?

Yakuza 0, the upcoming prequel to Sega's popular gangster series, has a new 15 minute story trailer.

Unfortunately it's all in Japanese as the game hasn't yet been confirmed for a western release.

Yakuza 0 will follow two player characters: series stalwart Kazuma Kiryu and fan-favourite gangster pirate Goro Majima - this time sporting a pony tail in 1988.

The last Yakuza game to make it to western shores was the zombie spin-off Yakuza: Dead Souls which came out in Japan in 2011 and Europe in 2012. Since then Yakuza 5 came out in its native Japan in December 2012, but hasn't yet been confirmed for a western release. You never know though, as Yakuza 2 took nearly two years to make its way to English territories, so it could still happen.

Yakuza 0 is due in Japan on 12th March for PS4 and PS3.

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Yakuza Zero

PS4, PS3

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