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Vib Ribbon is coming to European PS3s and Vitas next week

Makes its debut in the Americas tomorrow.

PSone cult hit Vib Ribbon - the vector graphics-based rhythm-action game by PaRappa the Rapper developer Masaya Matsuura at his company NanaOn-Sha.- is coming to Europe on PS3 and Vita on 15th October, Sony has announced.

North Americans will receive it tomorrow. But let's not be too jealous of our friend across the pond as Vib Ribbon never even got a release in that part of the world, so tomorrow will mark its debut in the Americas.

"It didn't go platinum and it didn't make a ton of money. But it did show, again, that PlayStation is the place where everything innovative, challenging, new and somewhat off-course can come to find a fan, a market, and a home," said SCEA president and CEO Shawn Layden on the PlayStation Blog.

Layden noted that Sony is "still working on a way to make it available on PS4."

The PS3 version of Vib Ribbon will retain the PSone game's groundbreaking feature of creating new stages in accordance with your own music that you upload via a CD.

Here's Vib Ribbon's English tutorial which explains how to play the stylish rhythm game.

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