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Minecraft: Pocket Edition headed to Windows Phone

Hope it doesn't brick it.

The mobile-friendly Minecraft: Pocket Edition is finally headed to Windows Phones, Mojang has confirmed.

In what may be the first sign of Microsoft's recent $2.5bn purchase of Minecraft in action, the developer announced it now had a Windows Phone version working over the weekend.

But it may still be some time before the game is released, Minecraft lead developer Jens Bergensten explained via Twitter:

More than 21m copies of Minecraft's mobile version have been sold so far on iOS and Android devices. That's nearly half of the game's total sales - a whopping 54m copies across all platforms.

A Windows Phone version should come as little surprise, then - especially as Microsoft is currently pushing for games and apps to be accessible across its entire family of devices.

Next year's Windows 10 is based around this core concept - with one operating system for Windows Phones, Surface tablets, netbooks, laptops and desktop PCs - perhaps even Xbox One. Microsoft's intention may be to eventually make Minecraft cross-compatible across any Microsoft device.