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Banner Saga launches on iOS today at £7

Just flagging it up.

Lovely jubbly crowd-funded Viking game The Banner Saga launches today on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It's £6.99.

Banner Saga mashes a few styles of game together with striking animation. It's a strategical, turn-based and grid-based game of combat; it's a Choose Your Own Adventure in between; and it's glued together by companions and dialogue and RPG bits and bobs.

The idea is to guide two caravans of Vikings, each at different ends of the map, to the same conclusion, meeting new characters and making difficult decisions along the way.

We were impressed in our Banner Saga PC review at the start of the year, and it should migrate to touch devices easily - although the small phone screen isn't ideal.

Incidentally, Banner Saga's release met with enough success for the three-person Stoic team to begin work on the next instalment, so there's more to come.

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