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Dragon Age Keep was once World Vault for DA2

Then, "after many many months", it changed.

BioWare's Dragon Age Keep aims to consolidate everyone's previous-game choices on one interactive web platform, and make world states - save files - importable to Dragon Age: Inquisition on any platform.

Given that the series is moving onto new hardware, it makes sense.

But, it turns out, Dragon Age Keep was a feature called World Vault that was being developed alongside Dragon Age 2, released 2011.

"After many, many months this eventually became the pillar feature for what we today are calling the Dragon Age Keep," explained BioWare's Leah Shinkewski (producer) and Fernando Melo (director of online development) on the Origin website.

"Since then, with the help of the community, we've worked to ensure that, going forward, the Keep will stand as the record of your impact in the world of Thedas - dutifully preserved and accurately represented in future products, limited only by creative aspiration of the game team."

Mention of "future products" there - the Keep as a foundation for the future, then.

Dragon Age Keep is currently in friends and family closed beta, but there are videos of the content available. They show many, many game choices illustrated by attractive pictures.

Dragon Age aficionado Lady Insanity has been a part of the Keep beta for a while. She put together the video below.

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