Dragon Age: Inquisition

BioWare's vast RPG makes up for a slight lack of focus with a deeply generous spirit.


EA marks Dragon Age Day with two new stories and a host of events

The publisher says BioWare is "still hard at work on building the next single-player focused experience for Dragon Age".

EA marks Dragon Age Day with two new stories and a host of events

The publisher says BioWare is "still hard at work on building the next single-player focused experience for Dragon Age".

Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah announce departure from BioWare

"They will always be an essential part of the studio's history", says EA.

Here's a very brief next-gen Dragon Age 4 tease

And a quick peek at Motive's next game, too.

Former Dragon Age writer reveals first game with new studio - and it's a musical

Featuring the voice talents of Troy Baker and Laura Bailey.

Feature | Five of the Best: Potions

A new series celebrating the little things that make games great.

Feature | Being the boss of Dragon Age

Mike Laidlaw still remembers his first day at BioWare - and, 15 years later - his last. A lot happened in between.

Turbulent development of Destiny, Witcher 3, Uncharted 4 and more revealed in new book

"To some people at Bungie, this felt like a necessary hail Mary…"

Feature | Writing the next Dragon Age

Sunless Sea's creator on working for BioWare from across the Atlantic.

Sunless Sea writer signs up for BioWare project

Working with Dragon Age's boss and lead writer...

Feature | Putting the magic back into magic in fantasy games

On the fantasy authors and ideas about sorcery game designers could learn from.

Writer David Gaider leaves BioWare after 17 years

HK-47, Morrigan and many more salute you.

Xbox Live Gold members can play EA Access Vault games free this week

Battlefield! Dragon Age! FIFA! Titanfall! More!

Dragon Age Inquisition: Trespasser DLC sets up Dragon Age 4

And drops a spoilery hint to its location.

Dragon Age: Inquisition gets The Descent DLC next week

On PC, PS4 and Xbox One simultaneously, this time.

PlayStation Store Summer Sale starts today

But what about the British summer?

You can now play hours of Dragon Age: Inquisition for free on PC

Six hour campaign trial, unlimited free multiplayer.

The first draft of Dragon Age: Origins didn't even have Grey Wardens

And a narrator you thought was Flemeth turned out to be an old Morrigan.

BioWare confirms more Dragon Age: Inquisition story content

But the Hero of Ferelden won't be in it.

BioWare turns 20 today

BioWare have the years gone?

Free Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC and patch released

UPDATE: Black Emporium stock captured in video.

Dragon Age: Inquisition gets free multiplayer DLC next week

Dragonslayer expansion adds three playable characters.

First screenshots of Dragon Age: Inquisition single-player DLC

UPDATE: Jaws of Hakkon out on PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 26th May.

Play Dragon Age: Inquisition free for six hours on Xbox One this week

EA Access trial unlocked for all Gold subscribers.

Dragon Age loses lead writer to new BioWare game

"10 years is a long time to work on any one project."

Dragon Age: Inquisition patch finally adds item storage

Plus a new vendor and customisation options.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch 3 details

"Upcoming" on PC, to follow on console.

Don't call it DRM: what's Denuvo Anti-Tamper?

The forcefield that kept Dragon Age and Lords of the Fallen free from piracy - for a few weeks at least.

Feature | Reader's top 50 games of 2014

What do you mean it's another 8?

Dragon Age: Inquisition now has free multiplayer DLC

Also allows Standard Edition owners to buy Deluxe bonus content.

Digital Foundry | Last-gen revisited: Dragon Age Inquisition

Do you really need a PS4 or Xbox One to enjoy BioWare's latest adventure?

BioWare outlines big Dragon Age: Inquisition patch due out today

PC and mouse controls! Crashes! Audio glitches! More!

Digital Foundry | Face-Off: Dragon Age: Inquisition

BioWare's Frostbite debut impresses on all platforms.

Dragon Age Inquisition walkthrough and game guide

Our guide to the massive third game.

Video | Video: Has Dragon Age Inquisition's combat found the right balance?

How BioWare's new contender shapes up to the series' past.

Dragon Age: Inquisition's EA Access trial detailed

Play it for six hours five days early.

Fallen London dev announces Dragon Age: The Last Court

Browser-based game playable via Dragon Age Keep.

ESRB: In Dragon Age: Inquisition "fellatio is implied"

"I will bring myself sexual pleasure later."

Dragon Age Keep was once World Vault for DA2

Then, "after many many months", it changed.

Dragon Age: Inquisition reveals four-player co-op mode

UPDATE: New video shows multiplayer in action.

BioWare delays the Dragon Age Keep

The "companion web experience" for Inquisition.

Dragon Age: Inquisition's release date pushed back over a month

Nobody expects the Dragon Age Inquisition (in November).

Huge Dragon Age: Inquisition Q&A info dump

UPDATE: Another gameplay walkthrough video released.

BioWare's first "fully gay" male party member in DAI

UPDATE: "I did not intend to comment on bisexuality," says writer.

Dragon Age: Inquisition doesn't really have 40 endings

There are "a few completely unique endings" with variations.

10-minute Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay demo

UPDATE #2: 40 "major" endings with variations!

Dragon Age: Inquisition E3 screenshots

Look like they're taken from a trailer.

Dragon Age: Inquisition "premiere" content first on Xbox

UPDATE: First single-player add-on a timed exclusive. More new footage.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Collector's Edition is only $170

UPDATE: €160 in Europe, £130 in the UK. Still, quill and ink pot...

Dragon Age: Inquisition release date announced

Alongside a snazzy new trailer.

You can hate your lover in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Who may be Cullen or Cassandra, BioWare confirms.

Dragon Age: Inquisition video shows off next-gen world

"It's our most ambitious game to date!"

Alistair not a party member in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Plus: Morrigan character design released.

Should BioWare give up romances?

Dragon Age writer David Gaider mulls the answer.

Video | What Outside Xbox is excited about in 2014

Tricks, blurred lines and romanceable dragons, it turns out.

BioWare has a new boss

SWTOR chief steps up.

BioWare: next-gen Dragon Age: Inquisition will have "more immersive world"

"You get more foliage, and that provides more of a sense of discovery."

Dragon Age: Inquisition has tactical view from Dragon Age: Origins

Plus, Qunari confirmed as fourth playable race. Gameplay footage released.

Feature | Where are the Xbox One role-playing games?

Phil Spencer on the Xbox One launch lineup, Japan and more.

Dragon Age 3 year-delay enabled multiple playable races

"Because we moved the date we were able to bring it back."

Dragon Age saves "absolutely come across" to Inquisition

BioWare on Witcher 3 competition, dialogue and modding.

Feature | The next-generation will be open-world

Ubisoft and more on connected freedom.

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition pushed back to autumn 2014, alongside The Witcher 3

It will still be a PS3 and 360 game, as well as PC, PS4, Xbox One.

Mass Effect 4 will be a Frostbite 3 game, but will Dragon Age 3?

UPDATE: Aaryn Flyn confirms that both games will use Frostbite 3.

More romance in BioWare games or less? Writer discusses

"...wish fulfllment on a level that reduced the characters into romantic playthings, sex dolls."

BioWare's "increasingly toxic" forum repels Dragon Age writer David Gaider

"Perhaps there is something to be said about whether the games BioWare makes still satisfy our core fans."

Dragon Age 3 longer in pre-production than DA1, DA2 and Mass Effect

One level of DA3 is "as big as all of DA2's levels".

BioWare announces Dragon Age 3: Inquisition

UPDATE: It's coming in late 2013.

Supposed Dragon Age 3 companion artwork

Are these your fellow adventurers?

Mass Effect, Dragon Age dev BioWare defends fan criticism

"It's interactive, so you're going to have your say."

BioWare asks fans to help brainstorm Dragon Age's future

"We're not making promises, we're talking about ideas."

BioWare shares new Dragon Age (3) concepts

Hints at saved game integration, Orlais setting, party members.

BioWare moves Dragon Age team fully onto The Next Thing

DA2 expansion Exalted March was scrapped.

Dragon Age developers "checking Skyrim out aggressively"

BioWare says next game will draw on outside influences.

BioWare adding multiplayer to Dragon Age - report

Arena PVE and PVP fights. Can be a dragon.

BioWare: EA doesn't tell us what to do

"We still have huge autonomy," say Docs.

BioWare's early Dragon Age 3 plans

Equippable followers! Morrigan! Old god?