February 2008 Archive

    1. Weekly PAL Releases Roundup
    2. SouthPeak unveils anime hackandslash
    3. Teenage girl sues industry giants over topless photos
    4. Video Games Live at GC 2008
    5. SEGA Superstars Tennis a week early
    6. Wii FreeLoader emerges
    7. Eidos reveals Battlestations: Pacific
    8. MGS4 European date same as US
    9. MGS not being ported to PS2 after all
    10. Beautiful Katamari
    11. Super Turrican and Psychosis on VC
    12. CliffyB likes PC gaming again
    13. SCi to cut jobs, cans 14 projects
    14. Gears 2 actor teases details
    15. MGS4's US June release confirmed
    16. Lost: The Video Game
    1. Titan Quest developer closes doors
    2. MGS ported to PS2 for Collection
    3. No Doubt songs added to GH3
    4. No word on Gladius 2, despite rumour
    5. PS3 Gran Turismo bundle coming
    6. Disney reveals Ultimate Band
    7. Disgaea 3 for US, likely for Europe
    8. Design a Bionic Commando level
    9. No Resident Evil Zero Wii for Europe
    10. PSN Roundup: Sky Diving and Dark Mist
    11. No BioShock without Rockstar - Levine
    12. SingStore to get meaty update
    13. Sony coy on Home game integration
    14. It could cost a billion to take on WOW
    15. Spying on MMOs "unconstitutional"
    16. Killzone 2 E3 2005 trailer "not false"
    17. Lost Odyssey to become a series?
    18. Wii outselling PS3 4-to-1 in Japan
    19. No voice or text chat in Mario Kart Wii
    1. Goodbye Sims Online, hello EA-Land
    2. Dead Space PC also on Halloween
    3. More characters for console SFIV
    4. PSP Go!Messenger on Friday
    5. Deadliest Catch heading to consoles
    6. Over 90 servers for Frontlines launch
    7. European Mass Effect PC date "soon"
    8. Rocketmen: Axis of Evil in March
    9. Resident Evil Zero for Wii
    10. Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack
    11. Wii Fit price for Europe
    12. Samurai Warriors 2 expansion for Live
    13. Haze coming out this May
    14. Blacksite PS3 slips a week
    15. Turning Point date narrowed down
    16. "No plans" for MGS4 PS3 bundle here
    17. US Metal Gear Solid 4 date and MGO beta
    18. PEGI better than BBFC - Microsoft man
    19. US DualShock 3 dated and priced
    20. Epic wants Gears of War feedback
    21. Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law
    1. Valve "looking at" TV shows, film and music for Steam
    2. Weekly Demo Roundup
    3. Guild Wars series tops 5 million sales
    4. Hothead's Ron Gilbert
    5. Gas Powered Games targets casual
    6. Wii to get new Pay and Play service
    7. Live Arcade Awards reveals winners
    8. XNA trials deadline extended
    9. Resistance 2 is Sony's answer to Gears 2
    10. Puzzle Quest sequel details
    11. Rein laughs off CliffyB PC comments
    12. Epic Games' Mark Rein
    13. Retail PC gaming in "dire straits" - Koster
    14. Bungie hopes to knock COD4 off top spot
    15. Wii gets firmware update
    16. Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy
    17. Dead Space out on Halloween
    18. Overlord stampedes onto PS3
    19. New Pokemon Ranch details emerge
    20. Pre-order Lost Odyssey and get MS Points
    21. Nintendo stamps on SSBB date talk
    22. One Life Left on Eurogamer tonight!
    23. UK Charts: FIFA Street 3 misses top 10
    24. Sony opens up PS3 advertising
    1. LittleBigPlanet: Sony's "biggest" 08 game
    2. MS rubbishes GoldenEye XBLA talk
    3. SEGA bringing PS3-exclusive to the West
    4. Houser helped inspire new EA structure
    5. MotorStorm 2 steering for Christmas
    6. Take Two willing to negotiate with EA
    7. PlayStation 3 DLC Roundup
    8. Wii takes centre stage at Oscars
    9. US intelligence to spy on virtual worlds
    10. Triggerheart Exelica this week on XBLA
    11. Phil Harrison leaves Sony
    12. Microsoft announces Halo 3 tournament
    13. Puzzle Quest sequel in 2008
    14. MS pops HD-DVD in the bin
    15. Indy Jones game "in production"
    1. EA offers USD 2 billion for Take Two
    2. David Jaffe pulls out of keynote
    3. Virtual Console Roundup
    4. Blu-ray: No Hollow Victory
    1. Weekly PAL Releases Roundup
    2. Cliffy B talks up Gears of War 2 story
    3. Bungie shows new Halo 3 map
    4. Home is "best-looking multiplayer world"
    5. No More Heroes pushed back a bit
    6. "New" EA is about quality, not quantity
    7. Portal song heading to Rock Band
    8. The MMO industry is sick - Cryptic
    9. America's Army dev making Saw game
    10. Wii to pass 360 by June in the USA
    11. Harrison frustrated with Sony Japan
    12. GDC: Microsoft Keynote LiveText
    13. Left 4 Dead not for PS3
    14. Jones shows off APB features
    15. Eurogamer TV: Exclusive Lost vids
    16. Unreal Engine demos not from Gears 2
    17. Unreal powering next-gen social network
    18. 360 has sold 18m worldwide - Schappert
    19. GDC: Microsoft's John Schappert
    20. Boom Blox to feature head tracking
    21. Lego man reveals more of new MMO
    1. Kurzweil "looking forward to Spore"
    2. Aliens FPS due out this year
    3. Bionic Commando Rearmed in May
    4. Bionic Commando for PSN, XBLA
    5. "No plans" for Smash Bros. on DS
    6. Eve Online could last 50 years
    7. 2K dates its Civilization Revolution
    8. New WipEout PSP pack on PC Store
    9. Gears of War 2 is official
    10. Red Rings claim display 360 at GDC
    11. Casual market to eclipse hardcore
    12. New Mario Kart Wii information
    13. Age of Conan 360 a year behind
    14. Blue Mars revealed at GDC
    15. Wii Fit also here in April
    16. Frontier unveils LostWinds for WiiWare
    17. PC Gaming Alliance to save world
    18. NaturalMotion explains GTA boozing
    19. Levine admits faults with BioShock story
    20. Earn Fable 2 money in XBLA games
    21. Ninja Gaiden 2 worldwide in June
    22. 1 billion 360 Achievements unlocked
    23. XNA games to be posted on Live
    24. Hentai titles will come to the West
    25. Sid Meier doesn't play strategy games
    26. Bionic Commando PS3 has Achievements
    27. XNA game demos on Live
    28. Molyneux would prefer to have HDD
    29. Penny Arcade Adventures this summer
    30. GDC: Too Human
    31. GDC: Street Fighter IV
    32. The Darkness dev reworking EA franchise
    33. LEGO Indiana Jones not four-player
    34. Warhammer Online still on course
    35. Disney reveals quad bike-racer Pure
    36. C64 Channel coming to Virtual Console
    37. Portal wins GDC Game of the Year
    38. Micro-transactions "betray" players
    39. Quake Live beta sign-ups open
    1. GDC: Fable 2
    2. Gizmondo relaunch slips to late 2008
    3. THQ elaborates on Red Faction: Guerrilla
    4. Square Enix dates Odin Sphere
    5. WiiWare US-bound in May
    6. GDC: echochrome
    7. Universe at War 360 slips a little
    8. MS offering XNA to students for free
    9. Mario Kart Wii dated for Europe
    10. Wii Fit date announcement today
    11. Ninja Theory working on "new concept"
    12. Sony US responds to HD-DVD demise
    13. Metal Gear Online
    1. NCsoft quells Tabula Rasa speculation
    2. Audiosurf
    3. Two more PixelJunk games for PSN
    4. Race Driver: GRID this summer
    5. Professor Layton and the Curious Village
    6. IGA to handle Quake Live ads
    7. UK Charts: Mario & Sonic back in gold
    8. The Witcher to be re-released
    9. Lost Planet PS3 demo this week - Capcom
    10. History of MotorStorm
    11. Toshiba officially scraps HD-DVD
    12. Magic: The Gathering eyes Live Arcade
    13. N+ for Live Arcade tomorrow
    14. The Great Digital Gold-Rush
    1. LEGO Indy Jones has four-player co-op
    2. Microsoft job ad spins "new Live" rumour
    3. Ninja Gaiden DS demo at GDC
    4. Sign up for The Sims Carnival
    5. FIFA Street
    6. THQ announces Frontlines
    7. Frontlines: Fuel of War
    8. Frontlines: Fuel of War
    9. Frontlines set for January 08, Saints Row 2 confirmed
    10. Frontlines 360 demo in Dec
    11. EGTV: Exclusive Frontlines vid
    12. Frontlines to support 50 players
    13. Frontlines: Fuel of War
    14. Win a R6 Vegas-themed action day
    15. Warhawk enters PlayStation Home
    16. Audiosurf demo available
    17. FIFA Street 3
    18. Episode Two's Hunter goes plush
    19. Fallout 3 versions to launch together
    20. Writers Guild rewards Dead Head Fred
    21. Fallout 3
    22. Nintendo offers Wii safety tips
    23. MS unveils Paramount download deal
    24. Photo frames hack game accounts
    25. Evolution wants MotorStorm to dominate
    26. Okami Wii 16:9/480p support confirmed
    27. Halifax blocks WOW subscriptions
    28. Toshiba denies HD-DVD cancellation
    29. Clarification: YouTube a part of Spore
    30. Professor Kageyama's Maths Training
    1. The PC Brigade
    2. Weekly Premium Content Roundup
    3. GDC 2008 just days away
    4. Euro Smash Bros. contests a possibility
    5. Overlord 360/PC DLC out today
    6. The Sims 3 to be revealed soon
    7. Aerosmith gets own Guitar Hero game
    8. US Lost Planet PS3 demo back up
    9. Fallout 3 world smaller than Oblivion's
    10. Banjo 3 boasts "unique" multiplayer
    11. WOW gets eSports tournament
    12. Far Cry movie trailer now showing
    13. PS3 outselling Xbox 360 in the US
    14. Music downloads should work in games
    15. Fighting and role-playing on VC
    16. This week's new game announcements
    17. BioWare doing more KOTOR
    18. EA rubbishes 'new KOTOR' reports
    19. Microsoft brings GDC to Xbox Live
    20. New Virtua Fighter instalment coming
    21. 8 million PSN downloads in January
    22. Wii remains top-selling console in Japan
    1. World in Conflict on consoles in autumn
    2. Peter Crouch Achievement in FIFA Street
    3. Everyday Shooter, GH3 tracks on PSN
    4. Weekly PAL Releases Roundup
    5. NCsoft preparing Aion for 2008
    6. Aion - Tower of Eternity
    7. FM 2008 gets January transfer data
    8. GRID designed to break America
    9. GT5 will connect global community
    10. SEGA dates House of Dead, Bass Fishing
    11. SEGA Superstars Tennis gets date
    12. Race Driver: GRID
    13. Track Mania heading to DS
    14. PS3 with Uncharted/Gaiden for GBP 300
    15. Dawn of the Dead Rising spat intensifies
    16. Scott Miller Duke Forever audio released
    17. Condemned 2: Bloodshot
    18. Smash Bros. conquers Japan chart again
    19. Perry "stunned" by Marvel Universe cancellation
    20. 360 failure rate put at 16 per cent
    21. Patapon demo today in Europe/US
    22. Turning Point slips to March
    23. Epic focusing on console titles
    24. New PC Team Fortress 2 map today
    25. Cryptic announces new superhero MMO
    26. Nintendo trio roll out for GDC
    27. EA wants USD 6 billion revenue by 2011
    1. Jack Keane washing up in March
    2. Silicon Knights gets grant for thriller
    3. Sly Raccoon
    4. Three Strikes And You're Out
    5. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements
    6. Atari financials leak 2008/2009 line up
    7. None more Black, says Criterion
    8. "Europe is the priority for Spore"
    9. PlayStation 3 sells one million in UK
    10. R* denies GTA multiplayer exclusivity
    11. Xbox Live Arcade Roundup
    12. No multiplayer for Just Cause 2
    13. Wii to get Nerf gun peripheral
    14. Square Enix launches new lawsuit
    15. Matsuura wants custom Rock Band tracks
    16. Spore
    17. GTA online multiplayer exclusive to 360?
    18. C&C Red Alert 3 in the works
    19. The Tao of Beat-'em-ups
    20. The Tao of Beat-'em-ups
    21. Best Buy to push Blu-ray
    22. EA extends NFL deal to 2013
    1. Sam & Max 203: Night of the Raving Dead
    2. Lost Odyssey
    3. "More churches" in Resistance 2!
    4. Spore release date announced
    5. Weekly Release Date Roundup
    6. Street Fighter IV playable at GDC
    7. NovaLogic doing new Delta Force game?
    8. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in late March
    9. SouthPeak reveals Roogoo
    10. Mass Effect confirmed for PC
    11. Factor 5 surprised by Lair reception
    12. Race Driver: GRID squashed onto DS
    13. Halo, Battlefield vets form Tyrant Studios
    14. Commanders: Attack of Genos tomorrow
    15. Princess Bride game coming to PC
    16. First UK top spot for Devil May Cry
    17. Peter Moore joins "blogosphere"
    18. Marvel Universe MMO canned
    19. Another Bethesda Portal map
    20. Independent Games Festival Roundup
    21. Audiosurf on Steam this week
    22. Everyday Shooter dated, priced
    23. Army of Two
    1. Xbox Originals
    2. Weekly Demos Roundup
    3. Jumpgate: Evolution this year
    4. Rental service picks Blu-ray as winner
    5. Cult Classics: PlayStation 2
    6. Gears getting GM is "normal" - Rein
    7. Amplitude
    8. Tekken film signs Luke Goss from Bros.
    9. New PSP demos on US Store
    10. Frontlines multiplayer demo on Live
    11. Eurogamer appoints MMO editor
    12. Okami Wii finished, March "possible"
    13. Sid Meier's Pirates!
    14. Ninja Gaiden
    15. Black
    16. Fresh footage of GTA IV
    17. Discs of Tron on XBLA this week
    18. Online modes vital for Peggle XBLA
    19. MS confirms Gears manager appointment
    20. Monster Hunter PSP gets install option
    21. Wii and DS on top in Europe
    22. "We at EA blew it," says Riccitiello
    23. EA says sorry and refunds Australians
    24. Virtual Console Roundup
    25. Valve's Doug Lombardi
    26. Levine says devs must amaze people
    27. The Club PC demo
    28. PGR4 downloads this week
    29. US Lost Planet PS3 demo pulled
    30. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
    1. Flashing the Cash
    1. Weekly Premium Content Roundup
    2. Lords of Thunder for Virtual Console
    3. World of Warcraft gets Miniatures Game
    4. Games arouse and desensitise you
    5. Back in Black
    6. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
    7. Dead Space
    8. Multiwinia being readied for summer
    9. GTA creator shares old pictures
    10. Codies looks for taxi driver progeny
    11. WipEout Pulse content every week
    12. flOw PSP gets a US date
    13. Eidos unveils Dr. Knizia's Brainbenders
    14. MGS man claims he was misquoted
    15. New Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero, COD
    16. Nintendo hasn't won yet, says Microsoft
    17. Opoona given US date
    18. Steam has over 15 million accounts
    19. COD4 is AIAS Game of the Year
    20. Rainbow Six ditches Vegas
    1. PSN: Sky Diving PS3, WipEout PSP tracks
    2. Weekly Game Announcement Roundup
    3. Weekly PAL Releases Roundup
    4. Advance Wars: Dark Conflict
    5. Illust Logic DS + Colorful Logic
    6. RealPlay Roundup
    7. Riff: Everyday Shooter
    8. Bizarre says The Club is misunderstood
    9. Buzz!: The Schools Quiz
    10. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
    11. WipEout Pulse
    12. Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
    13. Hardware Test: PSP Slim & Lite
    14. Geometry Wars: Galaxies
    15. Peggle to offer charms on DS
    16. World of Goo
    17. Crayon Physics Deluxe
    18. Universe at War: Earth Assault
    19. No More Heroes
    20. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
    21. Wii Chess
    22. PixelJunk Monsters
    23. Unreal Tournament III
    24. Omega Five
    25. Xbox Live DLC Roundup
    26. THQ explains Band Mashups Wii game
    27. Rez HD
    28. Medal of Honor: Heroes 2
    29. Dead Space has Gravity Gun
    30. Art of Fighting Anthology
    31. SEGA to teach English of the Dead
    32. Burnout DLC will work like Crackdown
    33. Nitrobike
    34. Virtua Fighter: now with pirates
    35. Duke Forever this year and on consoles?
    36. Twisted Metal heading to PS3?
    37. Duke Nukem 3D confirmed for XBLA
    38. Put your Miis in Mario Kart Wii
    39. Pirates director wants creative madness
    40. Assassin's Creed PC gets new content
    41. Football Manager Live
    1. Japanese Mario Kart in April after all?
    2. More Mass Effect content in March
    3. MS chops US HD-DVD drive price
    4. Fresh cars for Test Drive Unlimited
    5. Coming Attractions: Shooters Pt.2
    6. Drawn to Life sentenced to Wii
    7. Spielberg Wii game coming in May
    8. Capcom quiet on Lost Planet Colonies
    9. Guitar Hero IV this year
    10. Mario Kart Wii date just a rumour
    11. Three more Xbox Originals coming
    12. David Jaffe to deliver GDC keynote
    13. Bungie makes first noises about new game
    14. Coming Attractions: The Lost Levels
    15. MGS collection unconfirmed for Europe
    16. PES 2008 Wii date, control details
    17. Major announcement for C&C3 "soon"
    18. Monster Madness PS3 gets title
    19. Capcom confirms original cast for SFIV
    20. Nintendo not interested in MMO yet
    21. THQ confirms Red Faction III
    22. Age of Conan uncensored in UK, US
    23. Rockstar dismisses GTA movie rumours
    24. Poker Smash
    1. Release Date Roundup - 29th Jan to 5th Feb
    2. FlatOut PSP demo this month
    3. Join the Women's Murder Club
    4. TF2 Goldrush map this month
    5. Beautiful Katamari gets official date
    6. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 dated
    7. Gearbox discusses new project
    8. GameTap cans Myst Online
    9. Civilization Wii was too much effort
    10. The Club
    11. Criterion talks Burnout HDD issue
    12. New title from Total Overdose dev
    13. UK Charts: No burnout for Burnout
    14. Brain Training racist against Northerners
    15. Crystal Quest XBLA update tomorrow
    16. American McGee reveals new project
    17. NVIDIA acquires AGEIA
    18. Conflict: Denied Ops
    19. Can't wait for Lost Odyssey?
    20. Rein rubbishes Gears of War 2 reports
    21. Fresh COD4 maps, "gameplay variety"
    22. Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition
    1. FlatOut Ultimate Carnage PC date
    2. Deep Silver reveals X3: Terran Conflict
    3. Buying MMO gold is like funding prostitution
    4. US police refuse to investigate MMO theft
    5. Born Free: the History of the Openworld Game
    6. Sid Meier to create an MMO?
    7. PS3 to outsell 360 this year, says EA
    8. Demo Roundup - 28th Jan to 4th Feb
    9. Turok demo now on Xbox Live
    10. Coming Attractions: Strategy and Simulation
    11. PS3 Platinum range "likely" for Europe
    12. THQ bins games, series, studio
    13. THQ quiet on Frontlines PS3
    14. Nintendo blames SSBB problems on dirt
    15. Secret NiGHTS content hidden on disc
    16. Gears of War 2 on magazine cover
    17. EA "not satisfied" with 2007 performance
    18. Burnout demo online bits live on
    19. Midway concretes UT3 PS3 date
    20. ELSPA denies DS piracy quote
    21. PSN Roundup
    1. Tomb Raider: Underworld
    2. EA to split Orange Box components
    3. Premium Downloads - 26th Jan to 1st Feb
    4. PSP and DS nearly tied in Japan
    5. No Euro 2008 for Wii or DS
    6. Buzz! for PS3 and PSP this spring
    7. Space Siege coming to consoles?
    8. EA unveils Euro 2008 game
    9. Nintendo's mysterious new patent
    10. Spore out in time for "holidays"
    11. Conflict demo on US PSN, XBL
    12. Rock Band confirmed for Wii
    13. Mercenaries 2 officially delayed
    14. Adventures of Lolo 2 on PAL VC
    15. Saw lot doing Space Chimps game
    16. New Conflict: DO demo available for PC
    17. Sudoku heading to Xbox Live Arcade
    18. "More Portal for sure" - Valve