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Eurogamer TV: Exclusive Lost vids

Still none the wiser.

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With a week to go before release, Ubisoft has had a rummage around in the hatch and dug out a couple of exclusive behind-the-scenese documentaries on the game of the cruellest TV show in history. And we remember Beadle's About.

"Authenticity" reveals how the dev team cosied up with the terribly important people who make the telly version, to make the game as authentic and captivating as possible for people who have messy dreams about miss-placed polar bears and smoke monsters.

Meanwhile, in "Beyond The Show" we learn how they went, er, beyond the show and created a new character, Elliot, who was among the crash survivors on the doomed flight 815 from Syndey. Elliot has his own backstory to explore, via playable flashbacks, which interlocks with the lives of the other main characters. You'll get to ferrett around previously unseen areas of places like The Hatch, Black Rock and Swan Station, seeking information on who the hell you are (you've got amnesia, naturally), and hopefully trying to slip one to Kate before Sawyer soils her.

Please be good, please be good. Full review next week, castaways.

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