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Ubisoft details Lost game

Due out in Q1 2008.

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Ubisoft has finally opened up about the Lost videogame it announced it had signed up to develop all the way back in May 2006. It will be out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in Q1 2008.

In a storyline that extends on the themes of the TV series, you'll get to play as a passenger on Oceanic flight 815 after it crash-lands on an island in the Pacific and things start "going spooky".

As with the main characters in the show - some of whom you'll interact with - you'll have to confront your dark past, seek redemption and ultimately find a way home.

According to the announcement, you'll get to stalk familiar locations, solve puzzles, do a bit of fighting and battle the smoke monster. Whether you'll get to spend any time in a cage with Evangeline Lilly is not made clear.

Look out for more on Lost soon.

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