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Lost Videogame details

Sort of. Gah.

Details of the Lost Videogame have popped up after people who could be bothered to sit through all the tedium of the Season 3 box set unearthed a preview video on one of the extras DVDs.

Therein we discover (or IGN discovers, we should say, in case it's all wrong) that you play as a chap of unknown name and origin who has survived Oceanic Flight 815 along with Jack, Sawyer and all the red-shirts and has lost his memory.

In a nod to the show's typical format, you will apparently experience flashbacks to who you were as you work your way across the island, as well as meeting members of the cast, witnessing familiar events and ultimately experiencing an ending conceived by one of the show's co-creators. Is that a good thing?

Just kidding, Losties. We still love it for some reason, although Kate should never wear make-up, and Desmond is funnier when he's drunk. IGN also speculates that the Lost Videogame will be an adventure game.

It might seem weird that they have to, given that it's out next month on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 - Ubisoft can only say "February" for now - but then details are still few and far between due to the enormous secrecy that shrouds the Lost project.

The TV show itself, incidentally, resumes for Season 4 in the US at the end of this month. We're not sure what it all meant either. But, like Jack, we have to go back.

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