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THQ quiet on Frontlines PS3

Won't say whether it's cancelled.

THQ has declined to confirm or deny rumours the PlayStation 3 version of Frontlines: Fuel of War has been canned.

The rumour began via that ever-reliable fountain of truth, the Xbox.com forum.

The flames were fanned by an administrator posting on the Kaos Studios boards. "Please do not overeact to rumors or, like with release dates, take what retailers say as truth," he advised.

However, the admin didn't go so far as to deny the rumour, stating, "The timing of this was unfortunate as it was the weekend but there will be actual info shortly."

Another poster claiming to be from Kaos sought to offer reassurance Frontlines is still in development for at least one console. "Don't fret," he wrote. "The Xbox 360 version is great!" Great.

We went to publisher THQ for clarification - but went home disappointed. "THQ does not comment on rumour and speculation," a spokesperson said.

Frontlines: Fuel of War is due to arrive on PC, Xbox 360 and possibly even PS3 on February 29th. There's already a demo on Xbox Live and you'll find all manner of screens, videos and typing about it over on the gamepage.

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Frontlines: Fuel of War

Xbox 360, PC

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