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EGTV: Exclusive Frontlines vid

Fuel on the hill.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

THQ has marched out a new video teaser for upcoming future-shooter Frontlines: Fuel Of War - and Eurogamer TV has got first dibs on it.

Frontlines is the first game from Kaos Studios, a team formed by ex-Battlefield veterans, which is promising to bring the epic scale and intensity of Digital Illusion's shooting star in single-player, while ramping things up a notch online. Set in 2024, it's all about a massive scrap between the East and the West over depleting oil supplies (some things never change, it seems).

The trailer focuses on the 'frontline' mechanic itself, and how you use it to steadily suffocate the enemy into submission. As senior game designer Martin Raymond explains:

"Each map is composed of multiple series of objectives that are either neutral or owned by either the Western Coalition or the Red Star Alliance. Each of these series represents a frontline and only objectives contained within the current frontline are active and can be captured.

"Capture all objectives within a frontline, in any order, and the front will advance deeper into hostile territory, revealing the next frontline. Push the front all the way back to the enemy’s base and capture it and victory is yours!"

With 2007 already knee deep in quality shooters, THQ is mercifully allowing us to catch our breath before Frontlines hits PC, 360 and PS3 next year. Train your sight on the brand new trailer now showing on EGTV in the meantime.

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