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Frontlines to support 50 players

More, in fact. Better make some friends.

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THQ and Kaos Studios' upcoming Frontlines: Fuel of War will support over 50 players online when it's released on PC and 360 this month.

Kaos folks confirmed the news on the dev's forum. "We actually hit 73 during testing but we are taking baby steps as this is a pretty big leap," one of the staffers noted.

Frontlines multiplayer features a "unique role and load-out system allowing players to customise their character to suit any situation", in the words of its publisher.

There's already a 32-player Xbox Live demo available with two maps to play through to help you get your head around that.

Sadly though PS3 owners won't be able to join in with this one, after THQ decided to cancel that version.

Frontlines is a near-future first-person shooter inspired by the idea that the world would probably go a bit bat-s*** if we ran out of oil.

The developer, Kaos, was formed out of the ashes of Trauma Studios, the folks who handled Battlefield 1942's Desert Combat mod and eventually became part of that game's developer, DICE, before it all blew up.

So Frontlines has some serious potential and a solid team behind it. Watch out for our review in the lead-up to the 29th February release on PC and 360 to see whether it capitalises on that.

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