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WipEout Pulse content every week

Until the end of February.

Sony has said it will be releasing fresh tracks and craft for WipEout Pulse every week throughout February.

The first of these was released yesterday. This Mirage Pack introduced the all-rounder Mantis craft and fresh tracks Egewinter White, based in a busy city on a storm-racked island, and Vostock Reef, an undersea circuit with fishes and things.

Following on 14th February is the Icaras pack. Inside is a speedy craft with bad shields, alongside Egewinter Black and fiddly Moroccan course Gemini Dam White.

The Harimau Pack will spring up a week later, containing a relatively fast craft with good handling, subterranean track Orcus White, and North African course Gemini Dam Black.

Finally the Auricom Pack will arrive on 28th February. Its ship is a mystery but is said to be very fast, with Orcus Black and Vostock Reef White courses rounding out the bundle.

All of these will be available from the PC Store to download and transfer to your PSP, and each will presumably cost GBP 3.49 like the Mirage Pack.