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WipEout Pulse may be heading to PS2

Sony says decisions are based on demand.

PSP title WipEout Pulse has been in development for PlayStation 2 for some time, Eurogamer has been told by a source close to Sony, but a statement from the publisher this week suggests it may no longer appear.

The PS2 version has been rumoured for a while - first in a French report in the middle of last year and then early this year in European retail guidance subsequently disowned by the publisher.

Sony declined to comment directly on WipEout Pulse for PS2, but told Eurogamer in a statement: "There are over 9.5m PS2s in the UK and we will continue to support this large userbase with software on an ongoing basis.

"Of course, we need to make a business decision that there will be sufficient demand for a particular product, but we see franchises such as SingStar and Buzz still selling very well - for example SingStar Abba which launched in December proved very successful.

"With regards to other titles we will judge each on an individual basis and make decisions accordingly."

WipEout Pulse was released for PSP in late 2007 in Europe and kept up the standard of the excellent WipEout Pure with numerous tracks and race types set over an extensive campaign, along with online multiplayer options.

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