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PSN: Sky Diving PS3, WipEout PSP tracks

Plus MotorStorm/Folklore DLC.

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Sky Diving is the GBP 3.49 downloadable game star of this week's PlayStation Store update on PS3, while PSP owners can download the WipEout Pulse Mirage Pack if they fork out GBP 3.49 on the PSP Store for PC.

(Update: Apologies for the initial lack of details on Sky Diving. Sony's US PlayStation Blog has information, so refer to that for now.)

The second-most exciting thing on the PS3 Store this week is a pair of free DLC updates for two of Sony's best-supported games - Folklore and MotorStorm. The former, Game Republic's charming little blend of hackandslash and spooky adventure, says hello to a new Folk called Malion.

Interestingly, said Folk was actually designed to meet the specifications outlined by the winner of a competition for forumites. "The Malion (Spore Lion) runs circles around the enemy whilst creating an intoxicating spore cloud from its tail and thorny mane," Jeff Read had explained. "When the prey is dazed The Malion jumps in for the kill. The tail and claws are primary attacks, but this Folk is highly poisonous... wear protective gloves! The Malion fears fire."

This was enough to dazzle Game Republic, with dev-head Yoshiki Okamoto praising the high standard of entries. "Congratulations to Jeff, the runners-up and all the people who took the time and effort to design a new Folk," he said. "We hope you enjoyed being creative and that you continue designing."

And so do we, because it's a nice thing to hope for. As for the MotorStorm treat we mentioned, it's the enigmatically monikered "MotorStorm Chinese New Year". Let us know what that one's all about in your usual special place.

Also among the downloadable treats for PS3 owners are European demos for Conflict: Denied Ops and Turok, both of which are due out on PS3 and other formats tomorrow, 8th February.

And if you absolutely can't bear to put the pad down, then Lost Planet and PixelJunk Monsters trailers are also there.

But no Everyday Shooter. Or PAIN. Come on, Sony!

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