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WipEout Pulse demo today

Sony jumps around excitedly.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Later on today PSP owners in Europe will be able to download a playable demo of WipEout Pulse from the PSP Store for the PC.

It's not up there yet, but Sony was so excited about its imminent arrival it threw a press release and some screenshots into our laps and danced off into the Internet.

Described as "the essential pre-tournament test", the Pulse demo offers one track and one team from the FX400 League, playable in either Single Race or Time Trial modes.

The latter's not just a boring procession of new lap times either - with Time Trial integrated into the well-structured single-player game as a specific task.

But then you can read all about that in our WipEout Pulse review, where some handsome devil remarks that there is "very little wrong with it, really". Give that man an award!

WipEout Pulse is due out on 14th December, rather than last Friday, which is what some unreliable idiot told you last week. Throw the book at him!

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