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BioWare doing more KOTOR

Pandemic doing Lord of the Rings.

(Update: EA has since rubbished this nonsense and we've killed everyone involved.)

Electronic Arts has revealed in an analyst report that BioWare is working on another Knights of the Old Republic title as well as an MMOG.

This appears to be the new RPG that publisher boss John Riccitello promised in a recent financial call, and should apparently be out before April next year.

And while it scuppers hopes that KOTOR will become a persistent online world, it does at least clarify what the renewed LucasArts and BioWare partnership announced last October was for.

The same analyst report lists (pictures courtesy of ShackNews) Mercenaries developer Pandemic is doing a Lord of the Rings game - the same LOTR title Riccitello was unspecific about in the recent financial call. This, too, should be out before April next year.

Given the history of Pandemic this suggests we will be given a more action-focused slant on Middle-Earth, and that existing Tolkein project White Council is still as elusive as ever.

Electronic Arts bought VG Holding Corp., the parent company of BioWare and Pandemic, in October last year. Total costs rocketed up to around USD 860 million.

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