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Criterion talks Burnout HDD issue

It's all in "best interests" of community.

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Criterion and Microsoft decided it was in your best interests to make a hard drive an essential requirement for full Burnout Paradise online play.

The developer attempted to explain its decision in an open letter on its website, saying the dream of an expandable world through regular downloadable content was not possible if it supported "the lowest common storage denominator", or 64mb unit.

"We opened a dialogue with Microsoft to attempt to discover a possible solution and all possible technical options were investigated to retain the seamless freedom of Burnout without requiring the HDD," said "The Burnout Team".

"Unfortunately a solution was not available and we decided together that it would be in the best interests of the Burnout community if we require the HDD for full online play."

Luckily Xbox 360 Core users still get to use the Road Rule mode online, where you can see who has the best showtime score as well as scroll through leaderboards.

Burnout Paradise sits atop the UK All Formats chart for the second week running today, with PS3 sales improving on last week to take 49 per cent of the pie.

Every PS3 comes with a hard drive as standard.

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