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Sid Meier to create an MMO?

Strategy legend is "exploring the possibilities".

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Firaxis boss and lord of all Civilization Sid Meier has revealed he's working on ideas for an MMO game.

Speaking to GamersGlobal the boffin designer said, "I would certainly like to play around with a MMO concept in future."

Meier said that he and his Firaxis colleagues were "in the very early stages of exploring the possibilities of it", but that it could even be the developer's next project: "I really can't say if that would be the next game we do or if it's still a couple of games down the road before we come to that." It would likely be a PC-only title, as Meier feels that "PC is still the best place to play a MMO".

Meier, who's set to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at this month's Game Developers Conference, is mostly known for singleplayer-focused strategy titles Civilization and Pirates. He's currently working on Civilization Revolution for PS3, 360 and DS, to be released later this year.

He claimed his motivation in creating an MMO is the challenge of doing something he hasn't done before. "There's definitely a difference in MMO games, and that's part of the interest for me: to try something a little different," he said. We believe him, although we're equally sure that Firaxis' owner, troubled publisher Take-Two, wouldn't say no to the huge piles of cash a successful MMO can generate.

But, "I have new singleplayer games I want to do, as well," Meier added. So don't hold your breath.

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