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Episode Two's Hunter goes plush

Combine cuddles.

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Valve may specialise in cracking games, but it's not doing badly with heart-lifting cuddly merchandise either - and Half-Life 2: Episode Two's Hunter is the latest addition.

Available for USD 39.95 from Valve's online shop, it's 13 inches tall. According to the developer, "underneath all that armour and killer instinct you'll find a softie who's just looking for a place to call home".

Don't worry about quality, either - when it comes to plush, Valve's not playing games. We've already got the bendy-armed headcrab and the Santa Hat-wearing Vortigaunt, not to mention the currently sold-out headcrab hat.

In fact, the only one we haven't bothered with yet is the Weighted Companion Cube - available in plush and furry dice form - because, in all honesty, we ran out of money. We're pathetic.

If for some reason you don't know more about the Hunter's mother-game, check out our Half-Life 2: Episode Two review.

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