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New Pokemon Ranch details emerge

Transfer chums from Diamond and Pearl.

Nintendo has updated the website for the WiiWare title formerly known as Pokemon Farm.

According to information translated by GoNintendo, it's been renamed Everyone's Pokemon Ranch. The ranch in question is owned by Yukari, a friend of Bebe (who you may recall from Diamond and Pearl on the DS).

You'll be able to transfer Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl, storing up to a thousand of them on the Wii. You can also save photos you've taken of them to SD card or post them on the Wii message board.

There will be special activities that allow you to interact with your Pokemon - you'll all be able to sit round a campfire together, for example, or get sh**faced and play soggy biscuit. Possibly not the last one.

A release date for Everyone's Pokemon Ranch has yet to be announced.

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