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Gears 2 actor teases details

Brumak fight, new kit and people.

Actor John DiMaggio, who voices Marcus Fenix in Gears of War 2, has dropped hints about the game's contents, mentioning a Brumak fight, new weapons, enemies and characters.

DiMaggio told IGN Australia that he's doing GoW2 "right now" and reprising Marcus Fenix and one of his other characters, Franklin - the chap who owned the Junker, as you may remember.

On the Brumak, DiMaggio says "they fight him now", going on to mention "new weapons, new beasts" and "a couple of new characters". He also says that the story bits explaining what's going on are "a lot deeper".

Gears of War 2 was announced at GDC last week, and is due out in November exclusively on Xbox 360.

All we've seen so far is a chainsaw bayonet clash between silhouetted characters, and a few suggestive Unreal Engine 3 tech demos - for things like wobbly meat, destructible scenery and water.

We spoke to Epic Games' Mark Rein at GDC but he was keeping details quiet.

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