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Major announcement for C&C3 "soon"

Something to do with Kane's Wrath.

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Producer David Silverman has said "the mother of all secrets" will be revealed for Command & Conquer 3 at the end of the month.

His promise was made on the BattleCast: PrimeTime Special Edition episode, where he got terribly excited by you lot battling each other on the Internet. Quite interesting to watch, actually.

"For several months, EA LA has been keeping the mother of all secrets, and in only a few weeks a major announcement will come," said Silverman excitedly.

"And all of those who purchase either Command & Conquer 3 Limited Collection [original game plus expansion] or Kane's Wrath on the PC will have one more reason to cheer."

The next full BattleCast, scheduled for 29th February, will air the news. It looks likely to be about something akin to a free in-game tank rather than a revelation of a whole new project.

Unfortunately EA UK was unavailable to shed any light on the matter.

Command & Conquer: Kane's Wrath is due out this spring on PC. It brings with it a Risk-style gameplay mode where you strategically fight battles to acquire areas on a map, retaining any units that were not blown up in your stampede.

It also introduces sub-factions for the existing trio that will offer new units, upgrades, and powers, plus fancy epic units that can quite literally stamp on veteran mammoth tanks to blow them up. Silverman says so.

Oh, there's a new Nod plot that follows Kane's rise to power.

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