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Red Alert 3 beta with Kane's Wrath

C&C3 expansion pack dated, too.

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Electronic Arts has said that Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath will be out on 28th March, and each copy will come with an individual beta key for Red Alert 3.

It coincides with the publisher officially unveiling RA3, claiming it only "dipped its feet in the water" with Command & Conquer 3.

"Red Alert 3 is chocked full of innovations, but the big one is the co-op campaign," said executive producer Chris Corry in the latest BattleCast.

"You will be able to go online and play with one of your buddies through the story-driven part of the campaign. Or, if you can't find one of your buddies around, you'll be able to enlist the aid of an AI general who has a distinct personality and will play alongside you."

The Empire of the Rising Sun is the new faction, which was produced after a desperate Soviet leadership went back in time to erase Einstein, presumably to stop him creating the atomic bomb.

Alongside these features is the draw of naval combat which, according to Corry, has not been tackled properly since Red Alert 2.

"Navy is huge in Red Alert 3. It's one of those things that people have kept at arm's distance for a while; personally I feel there hasn't been a good navy RTS since Red Alert 2. But we're going to change that with Red Alert 3," he added.

"We're bringing Navy into the core of the game and we're pushing the gameplay off the land and into the oceans. You can do base-building in the oceans, resource-collection in the oceans - it's really going to switch up the gameplay a lot."

Complimenting all of this will be the trademark cinematic cut-scenes, as well as the humour and light "Saturday matinee" feel that has made Red Alert so popular.

Pop over to our Red Alert 3 gallery for the first screenshots, or head over to the official Command & Conquer website for the BattleCast. It has incredibly enthusiastic people in.

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