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Kane's Wrath for 360 this month

EA says end of June, cackles.

Electronic Arts has told us Command & Conquer 3 expansion Kane's Wrath will be out for Xbox 360 on 27th June in Europe.

The PC game was released back in April, but this version will feature extra treats specifically for couch-based commanders.

Chief among them is a radial menu interface that makes managing your army much easier on a console pad, with options spiralling out and selectable all with one stick, apparently.

On top of that are additions such as a Risk-like Global Conquest mode, more sub-factions, units structures and powers for GDI, Nod and Scrin forces.

Oh, there's a fresh campaign based around that Kane chap too, who we spoke to not so long ago and found him to be very chirpy and not at all like an evil maniac he portrays.

He said he usually gets cast as villains, though, and also reckons there's lots of snobbery from telly actors towards the videogame sector.

Tank rush over to our Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath PC review for an idea of what to expect.

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Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath

Xbox 360, PC

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