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C&C Kane actor speaks out on games

Reckons they're not too influential yet.

Actor Joe Kucan who plays Kane in the Command & Conquer series has said games are not culturally influential yet.

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer just moments ago, he said it was the genre rather than the games that were turning heads.

"We're half-way there," said Joe Kucan in a slightly sinister voice. "The only thing that's culturally influential now is the genre itself. There's nothing specific about any of the games that are worming their way into the psyche of the world.

"But that notion of the videogame, the videogamer, the Internet, or the online game has certainly had a tremendous amount of influence in terms of people markets - not just products, but how they look at spending their leisure time."

Joe Kucan began his career as a videogame actor back with Command & Conquer in 1995, or "1852 or something" if you believe him. His latest dramatic efforts can be seen in C&C 3 expansion Kane's Wrath, which is out tomorrow.

He recognised that there has been a colossal improvement in technology even though his role has changed little in a decade or so. And although more seem open to the idea of acting for videogames these days, there is still some toffee-nosing among the dramatic community.

"I think there's still snobbery; I think there's still a massive misunderstanding about what the work actually is," added Kucan.

Join us for our full chit-chat with Joe Kucan and fellow Kane's Wrath actor Carl Lumbly sometime next week.

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