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THQ explains Band Mashups Wii game

Bit like battling in Guitar Hero.

THQ has sat us down and cleared up what sort of things you will be doing in new Wii title Band Mashups.

The idea is that you win a fight by doing your rhythm-action moves better than your opponent, much like battling in Guitar Hero. It looks similar, too.

However, here you will have various instruments like a sniper violin or flamethrower guitar that will ask for different moves to be matched by Wiimote gestures. And you can mix things up by switching the music to throw your opponents off.

THQ reckons there will be 70 ridiculous weapons in total, and around 150 songs covering the necessary vices of rock, funk, hip-hop, country, marching band and Latin.

There's a campaign where you pick one of 11 bands to tackle evil Mr. Hong [oops - Casual Racism Ed], as well as a versus mode to batter your friends.

Band Mashups is due out in April.

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