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flOw PSP gets a US date

Europe wiggles fins and waits.

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SuperVillain Studios has let everyone know its PSP version of flOw will be out in the USA on 6th March.

Unfortunately Sony was unavailable to chime in and clear things up for Europe.

FlOw first appeared as a PlayStation Network title (well, it was originally a Flash game if you want to be picky) on PS3. It sees you swimming around some uncharted waters as a tiny organism with a large appetite.

The idea is that you try to get bigger by gobbling things up, but some meals present more problems than others. We were rather taken with it, applauding its serene and hypnotic charms, although it lacked variation and progression.

The PSP conversion will have all of the PS3 content except the expansion, and be controlled by the analogue stick.

Interestingly SuperVillain Studios was first used to make that expansion not the full title, so its exclusion here seems a little bizarre.

It's yet to be priced, and obviously you lot are looking for a cheaper price point given it cost GBP 3.49 on PS3.

Head over to our flOw review to gobble up what we had to say about the PS3 version.

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