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Fighting and role-playing on VC

A pair for Megadrive fans.

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Just two games for Virtual Console enthusiasts this week, and both for the Megadrive. Say hello to Eternal Champions and Phantasy Star II.

Being Megadrive games, they both cost 800 Wii Points, which is GBP 6.00 / EUR 8.00 or thereabouts.

What are they then? Well, Eternal Champions is a 2D fighter with combatants drawn from every corner of history, including made-up ones, so you've got a caveman fighting a cyborg, etc.

It had fatality style moves and Overkills, and some quirky ideas about control. Obviously I have no first-hand experience of this, but am instead riffing on what our Virtual Console expert Dan Whitehead told me when I emailed him in a panic. For all I know Eternal Champions is actually a game about Louise Redknapp.

The other one, Phantasy Star II, is from a long line of science-fiction RPGs with turn-based combat and top-down graphics.

Look out for a roundup of these, and whatever else Nintendo adds to the VC this month, in a future so near you can reach out and only have to stand around for a week before touching it.

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