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Wii FreeLoader emerges

Region-free kit on sale now.

Datel has launched the Wii FreeLoader, which allows you to play Wii games from any region on your PAL Wii.

There's also a version for US Wii owners.

The disc is the follow-up to the GameCube version, which did the same for Cube discs - and indeed the Wii FreeLoader will continue to perform that function, all without system modification.

It costs GBP 9.99 here and USD 19.99 across the pond.

"Wii FreeLoader is really easy to use. Simply insert your FreeLoader disc and load it in the usual way," says the website description.

"When the drive stops, eject the Wii FreeLoader disc and insert the game, which then loads and plays just like it would on its own region of Wii. It's as simple as that!"

The disc appears to be available right now (update: we now understand it may not be delivered until mid-March), which is good news for those of you with speedy couriers who can't be bothered to wait for Super Smash Bros. Brawl - due out in the US in just over a week (update: and, er, now isn't!).

No idea what the boys and girls at Nintendo makes of it. They probably can't hear us from behind all their piles of money.